Using css

Last updated on 2021-05-07 15:43:50

This document focuses on how to use and plan style files in your projects. For basic CSS knowledge or to check out properties, you can refer to the MDN documentation.

umi comes with less and css parsing tools, so we are free to use either of the two. Here we will mainly talk about the use of css.

We don't recommend using css, less can support all the features of css.


.page {
  height: 100vh;


import styles from 'index.css'; // tell umi to compile this css

const Page = () => {
  // append styles to className
  return <div className={}>this is a page</div>;

Here I need to bring in styles to append to the className. The reason we need to import styles from 'index.css'; is because we have CSS Modules enabled to solve the naming problem.

We don't recommend writing css for easy styles in practice, we recommend using template components for development, or writing in-line css directly. css doesn't have good dependencies, and many projects have redundant css, but are afraid to remove it.